We are an indoor Airsoft facility fully equipped with quality Airsoft guns for all those Call of Duty fans. Our shooting range is the perfect place to try out some of the classic guns you see in TV or computer games such as M4s or G36s. 
Our CQB indoor arena is the perfect place for taking part in some combat games using the airsoft guns or our NERF guns.

These combat games consist of two teams who engage to win the objective of the game using the airsoft/ NERF guns, for example, catch the flag. A very fun day out! Call of duty come to life!!!

At Predator Zone we give you the opportunity to try airsoft guns that look exactly like the real thing but instead of bullets, bb’s (the ammunition) are shot.It is a far less painful experience than paintballing and far more enjoyable!!!

For those under the age of 12, our NERF guns are great fun and if you have your own NERF gun bring it on down and use our darts in it. 

Predator Zone caters for all those stag, hen, birthday parties as well as corporate events for team building. Or if you just want to take up a new hobby, airsoft is a great, exciting, enjoyable and unique hobby.

Come visit our fully stocked shop to buy all your airsoft guns and equipment​ and shortly we will be stocking NERF guns and NERF accessories.