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What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is similar to paintball but less painful and the guns are a lot more accurate. The guns used in Airsoft are remarkably similar to real world firearms.

Airsoft combat simulation is as close to the real thing as you can get.The basis of Airsoft is taken from real world which is why most experienced Airsofters look like military/police personnel from around the world.

GUNS; Airsoft guns shoot a plastic BB (6mm in size)

Airsoft arena


Our Airsoft sessions generally run for a full day but you can book a morning or afternoon sessions. We offer OPEN SESSIONS on a bi-weekly basis which allows people to come join a game either on their own or with friends. We post up on our Facebook on a weekly basis the times and days that these are on so keep an eye on our facebook. 

Airsoft is suitable for anyone 12 years and up. Its great for teenagers who are into Call of Duty and similar games, its great for team building, corporate events, stag and hen, and youth groups. 

We are an official UKARA site, the ONLY UKARA site in the North West, so we are able to help you earn your UKARA license so that you can purchase and carry Airsoft guns. 

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