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Snow Wolf M3A1


  • EUR: € 215.05

A replica of a legendary, American submachine gun commonly referred to as “grease gun” in A1 version by Snow Wolf is another treat for all World War II enthusiasts. The body of the replica was made from steel, whereas the barrel and small elements were made from an alloy of zinc and aluminum. Grease gun bears weld imitations as well as various “imperfections” tied to the manufacture process of the original – of course in the case of the replica it is fully intentional and positively influences the resemblance towards the live firearm.

The replica, like the original, allows for full auto fire, however, after a bit of practice and a correctly selected battery one can learn to fire single rounds. Fed with a steel, hi-cap, 520 BB magazine. The replica has a safety in the form of shell ejection cover (cover the shell ejector in order to put the safety on) just like the original.

Velocity: 328fps
Receiver: Polymer
Magazine:520rnd Hi-cap
Hop Up: adjustable
Battery connector: Mini Tamiya
Recommended battery: 7.4 Lipo

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